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Comprehensive Eye Test

Entrust your visual well-being to Pieter Cornelius Optometrists through our in-depth eye examination. Such tests are paramount, not merely for early detection of visual conditions and adjustments in your eyesight, but also as a window into your general health, identifying potential anomalies possibly linked to other medical issues.

How frequent should an in-depth eye exam be?

While it's ideal to undergo this examination yearly, at least once every two years is advisable for most. However, for those aged 60 and above or with conditions like diabetes or with a familial history of vision problems, yearly check-ups are crucial.

A Glimpse into the In-Depth Eye Examination Process

Each eye examination is personalised, taking into account individual health backgrounds. Here's a general roadmap of the process:

Health Background Consultation: The session starts by delving into your medical history and wellness overview. This helps our seasoned optometrists understand any vision-related symptoms or general health concerns you might be experiencing.

Visual Clarity Check: Through a lens series and a character chart, we'll evaluate the sharpness of vision in each of your eyes.

Refraction Analysis: This determines if you need vision correction devices like glasses or contact lenses. We'll find the exact prescription that provides the clearest vision.

Back of the Eye Exploration: Known as ophthalmoscopy, this process involves examining the interior surface of your eye. To get a clearer view, eye drops may widen the pupils, allowing for a detailed inspection of areas like the retina and optic disc.

Glaucoma Insight Test: This checks the internal pressure of your eyes, a key metric in diagnosing Glaucoma. This condition can lead to severe vision impairment if not diagnosed in infancy.

Post-examination, our optometrists will give you a holistic view of your visual health, offering insights, potential prescriptions, or other medical recommendations.

For a productive examination, please come with any current eyewear and be mindful of any unusual visual or physical symptoms before the check-up.

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